Sticky Bonus or Conventional Bonus

Sticky Bonus or Conventional Bonus?

What’s the Difference? Which is Better?

Basically, a sticky bonus is money to play with, but it can’t be cashed out, whereas you can withdraw winnings with made with non-sticky bonuses after you have met play-through requirements. That is the difference between the two types of bonuses.

To Illustrate Further

Supposing you make a $100 deposit and you get a 300% bonus. It’s possibly the sticky kind of bonus. You now have a $400 stake to make your wagering quota.

By the time you have fulfilled your obligation, your starting amount has grown to $800. You’ve won $400! On cash-out, the casino deducts the $300 non-cashable bonus and pays you $500, your original $100 deposit and the $400 you won over and above the bonus you were given.

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Great bonus offers at a great online casino. This is not a sticky bonus

Whereas if you deposit $100 and receive a 100% conventional match bonus, you start with a $200 bankroll. Let’s say, after wagering rules have been met, you have won $400.

Because the bonus was non-sticky, you’d be entitled to cash out $600, your original $100 deposit, your $100 bonus plus your $400 in winnings.

Better or Worse?

It would seem that a non-sticky type of bonus is better, except your starting bankroll is much smaller ($200 vs $400) and may not be sufficient to survive ups and downs on the way to meeting play-through stipulations, which are often at a higher multiplier than those for a non cashable bonus. It’s something to keep in mind when considering various online casino bonus offers.

Bonus Accounts and Cash Accounts

At some online casinos, your casino account is divided into a “Bonus Balance” and a “Cash Balance”. Winnings derived from Cash Balance go into that part of the account. Winnings using the Bonus Balance are added to your Bonus Balance, up to the original bonus amount. Excess winnings go into the Cash Balance.

You can withdraw the cash balance only when all bonus play-through requirements have been met. Bonuses are subject to play-through requirements before they may be cashed in. Once the bonus play-through requirements are fulfilled, you are free to transfer the amount in your Cash Balance account.

Decisions, Decisions…

Final conclusion? Neither the Sticky type of Bonus nor Non-Sticky Bonus is better or worse.

Here is a great example of a non sticky type of bonus