Online Slot Machine Guide

Online Slot Machine Guide

Today, millions of people all over the globe love to play online slot machine games on their computer or mobile device.

The attraction? The pastime activity is relaxing and at the same time exciting. Plus playing online slots needn’t cost any more than attending a theatrical performance or a major sporting event.

In addition, there is a chance of winning loot, perhaps even substantial sums of it. That opportunity does not exist at other entertainment events.

Slot Machine Inventor

The mother of all slot machines was called the ‘Liberty Bell’. Historic data records that in the late 1890s a California man named Charles Fey invented the forerunner of what we now call a ‘slot machine’.

His original invention had three mechanically operated reels with symbols painted on them. One of the images on each reel was the Liberty Bell. The lucky player who got three Liberty Bells on one line collected the top prize. That’s how the new contraption got its name.

Accessible and Private

In order to play the new gadget you had to be where one was available. Much better in our times. You can play an online slot machine whenever you have the urge.

Internet casinos operate 24 hours, seven days a week. And you can spin the reels in privacy. You’re not in a noisy, smoke-filled casino. You can avoid having people watch, which could make your feel uneasy.

Free Bonus Money

There are millions of players, but there are also thousands of cyber casinos. All of them want more players. One way they attract them is by offering a variety of bonuses.

The most common is the Welcome Bonus, sometimes called the Deposit Bonus. As a new customer at an online gambling facility, when you make a deposit, you will get a bonus most times equaling at least the amount of your deposit.

At some casinos you get two, three and four times that much. Throughout the pages on this site we list a many different bonus offers. Pick the one that appeals to you the most.

Terms and Rules

Of course, casinos don’t just give away free money; they want something in return from you. They aim to keep your deposit money. To that end online slot machine casinos impose restrictions in what you can do with the bonus money.

You will have to bet and re-bet the bonus (and often also the deposit) numerous times before you can withdraw your winnings. As a rule of thumb, the lower the bonus play-through requirement, the better for you.

Begin Here

If you’re not already an online player, you may hesitate getting started. Are online casinos safe and trustworthy? How do you know which one to choose?

With our tips and you should not encounter any grief. Clicking on a casino banner or link brings up the “landing page“, where you’re greeted by pictures of smiling, happy people, welcome bonus amounts screaming at you and Click to Download prominently displayed.

Search further, mainly for links leading to “about us“, “terms and conditions” and “contact us“. Reading this information carefully should give you an idea whether or not you want to have a relationship with that particular enterprise.

Online Casinos are Safe

If a casino’s name is totally unfamiliar, and you wish to check it further, type into your search engine something like <casino name> discussion forums.

As you read the postings, keep in mind that the majority of people sound off only if they have had an unhappy experience, not when they have something positive to say. Ninety-nine out of 100 online casinos are fair and honest. Fly-by-night operators don’t stay in business very long.

Pick a casino you like and trust, collect your bonus and enjoy embarking on an online slot machine adventure. Do it RIGHT NOW!

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