Internet Video Poker Tactics

Internet Video Poker Tactics

The bonus play-through percentage figures for internet video poker are an indicator of online casinos profit expectations. On average, bonus play-through stipulations at online casinos are approximately

  • 25x on Slots
  • 40x on video Poker
  • 50x on Roulette
  • 60x on Blackjack
Slots to Blackjack

This confirms that internet casinos make the most money from slot machines and the least from blackjack players.

Overall video poker payouts are considerably better than returns on slots, even on video poker machines with poor pay tables. This is especially true for those of us who have learned to play expertly and know how to select the best available payout schedules.

Practice your internet video poker tactics at Las Vegas USA Casino

To my mind, video poker should be rated the same as blackjack. The reason internet video poker is not categorized equally with blackjack is because too many video poker games have substandard payout tables. People play them anyway, because they don’t know better or can’t be bothered to care.

Bet 5 Coins

Note that all percentage figures given in this article pertain to maximum bets (5 coins per hand). Betting less than five coins lowers the calculated return percentage because you receive the Royal Flush bonus of 4,000 coins only with 5 coins bet.

Don’t assume you won’t ever get a Royal Flush! Regretfully, it happened to me on two occasions when I hadn’t wagered maximum coins!

‘Full Pay’ Games

It pays to search for the best video poker pay tables available. Don’t be tricked into playing second-rate games. Below we’ll discuss the merits of some popular Internet video poker versions.

Jacks or Better

In Jacks or Better the standard payout for every coin bet is 9 coins for a Full House and 6 coins for a Flush. Substandard games pay 8 coins and 5 coins respectively, and worse. The percentage difference in payout is 2.26%; the 8/5 game pays 97.30% – more than an extra 2¼% goes to the casino! Play 9/6 Jacks or Better only!

Deuces Wild

If You’re lucky enough to find a “full-pay” Deuces Wild game, the best possible payout percentage is 100.76%. Unfortunately, the best version online casinos offer is what’s called ‘Not So Ugly’ Deuces Wild, rated at 99.73% payback. You’ve found a ‘Not So Ugly” game if the table reads like this:

  • Royal Flush 4,000
  • Four Deuces 1,000
  • Wild Royal Flush 125
  • Five of a Kind 80
  • Straight Flush 50
  • Four of a Kind 20
  • Full House 20
  • Flush 15
  • Straight 10
  • Three of a Kind 5

There are several other Deuces Wild pay table variations with payout percentages ranging from 98.9% down to just under 96%. I suggest you avoid all of those, particularly when you’re aiming to fulfill bonus wagering requirements.

Double Double Bonus Poker

This is one of my favorite internet video poker games. You won’t find the best paying Double Double Bonus games online. Even in Las Vegas, full-pay versions (paying 100.07%) can be found in only a few casinos, often only in 25-cent denominations and not on the Strip.

If you choose a game with a pay table the same as, or almost identical to the one below, the return will be a respectable 99%, give or take a few percentage fractions:

  • Royal Flush 4,000
  • Four Aces with 2,3 or 4 2,000
  • Four 2’s, 3’s or 4’s with Ace 800
  • Four Aces 800
  • Four 2’s, 3’s or 4’s 400
  • Four of a Kind 5’s to K’s 250
  • Straight Flush 250
  • Full House 45
  • Flush 30
  • Straight 20
  • Three of a Kind 15
  • Two Pair 5
  • Pair of Jacks or higher 5

Note that the two easiest to get hands only return your bet, but line up one of the top four hands and be elated! Compared to Jacks or Better, this game and Deuces Wild are high volatility, that’s why they are exciting to play.

Joker Poker

Another popular internet video poker variation is Joker Poker, sometimes called Joker Wild. In this game there is an extra card in the deck, the joker. It is a wild card that substitutes for whatever card is needed to produce a winning hand.

Because of this, payout amounts are lower than for the same hand in games without a wild card. The best pay table you will find online looks like this and is rated at around 99% payback:

  • Natural Royal Flush 4,000
  • Five of a Kind 1,000
  • Royal Flush with Joker 500
  • Straight Flush 250
  • Four of a Kind 90
  • Full House 35
  • Flush 25
  • Straight 15
  • Three of a Kind 10
  • Two Pair 5
  • Pair of Kings or Aces 5

Note in this game you need a pair of Kings or two Aces to have your bet returned. Personally, I’d opt to fulfill my wagering obligations by playing one of the other three games mentioned above. I’ve never had any luck playing Joker Wild.

There are at least a dozen more types of video poker games to choose from. If you want to know pay table and percentage numbers for other than what’s on this page, simply type your query into Google or other search engine; the information is out there.

Thank you for reading and good luck meeting your bonus play-through obligations.

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