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To our knowledge, there is no exclusive online blackjack casino on the Internet. Even at a casino that favors table games, you can play other games. However, there are so called “blackjack casinos” because they cater primarily to blackjack players. On this and on our other blackjack pages, we tell you where blackjack players can add a bonus to their wagering funds and what the terms are.

Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is possibly the most-played table game in casinos everywhere, including on the Internet. The rules are not complicated to learn and memorize, but it is only through endless hours of practice that you can master all the intricacies of the game. This is not news to you if you’re a diehard blackjack enthusiast.

Perhaps until now you have only played the game at tables in land-based casinos and you are reluctant to get into a a game on your computer.

The days of having to be concerned whether or not cyber casinos are “above board” are practically behind us. Online gaming venues that have existed for a number of years wouldn’t be still in business if they didn’t operate fairly and honestly.

Online Blackjack Bonus

On this web site we do not mention online casinos we suspect may not be trustworthy. We list only online blackjack casinos offering a welcome bonus that can be used to play blackjack. To be included, the bonus can’t have overly excessive wagering conditions attached. A 100% match bonus from the casino doubles your starting bankroll. Twice the bankroll, twice the enjoyment!

Suppose you’re comparing online blackjack casino bonus offers:

  1. Casino A gives 200% bonus and has a 50 times play-through requirement on bonus and deposit amounts.
  2. Casino B offers a 100% match bonus but has a 60 times wagering stipulation on the bonus amount only.

Which would you consider the better offer?

Evaluate Bonus Offers
  • At Casino A you deposit $100 and get $200 free. You have to wager $300 fifty times, equaling $15,000
  • At Casino B with a $100 bonus, you need to wager your deposit only once and the $100 bonus 60 times. This totals $6,100
  • At Casino B you have $100 less starting capital, but your play-through is less than half as much. Other factors being equal, Casino B seems to be the better choice.

Online blackjack is faster than playing at a table in a live casino because cards are dealt by computer. The speed depends on how long your decision making takes, but let’s assume you play 500 hands an hour. If you bet $10 per hand it might take about one hour to roll over $5,000.

If you know your average playing speed and your average bet size, you can easily calculate the approximate length of time it will take to complete any bonus wagering requirement.

Blackjack is Beatable!

Because blackjack has such a low house edge, it affords players a chance of beating the casino. The casino, of course, hopes players are going to deviate from basic strategy, giving the casino the upper hand. Let’s dash the casino’s hopes!

Blackjack Bonus Casinos

When you’re ready for online blackjack casinos, you may want to check out the following three:

Uptown Aces Casino
Play blackjack at Uptown Aces Casino

Uptown Aces offer a special table games bonus totalling $1500.

  • First deposit secures a 150% bonus up to a maximum of $750 – Use Coupon TABLEACES1
  • Second deposit secures a 75% bonus up to a maximum of $750 – Use Coupon TABLEACES2

These specific offers require a 30x playthrough but there is no maximum cashout. Playthrough on certain table games and video poker games may vary. It is up to you to view the terms and conditions of the coupon when presenting the coupon to the cashier.

Visit Uptown Aces Casino

Bodog Casino
Play blackjack at Bodog Casino

At Bodog Casino you will be able to claim a 100% Match Bonus up to $600. The software has some decent multi deck blackjack games. Bonus and deposit amounts combined are subject to a 40x wagering requirement. These terms are subject to change from time to time so we do suggest you review the current terms when you visit. Bodog is a well respected online casino known as a hangout for blackjack enthusiasts. Note that Bodog also has live dealers besides having software based games.

Click here to visit Bodog Casino

Ignition Casino
Play Blackjack at Ignition Casino

At Ignition Casino you will be able to claim a 100% Match Bonus up to $1000. Their are rules regarding wagering requirements for blackjack players. Most importantly, Single and Double Deck Blackjack do NOT count towards wagering. Other blackjack variants do count. The wagering requirements are a low 25x with table games contributing 60% value. A $10 bet thus counts $6 towards the wagering requirement. Make no mistake, this shows just how low the house edge is on blackjack, even the variations on offer.

Click here to visit Ignition Casino

Good Luck at the above and other online blackjack casinos!