Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses are a much appreciated substitute for those “casino comps” given by land-based gambling establishments. In order to attract loyal players, online casinos offer monetary incentives.

To help players understand what to expect, we're describing here the various types of bonuses available from online casinos:

Welcome and Match Bonuses

Welcome Bonus. By far the most common type of online casino bonuses is the Welcome Bonus, also called Sign-up Bonus or New Player Bonus. They are either Match bonuses or Percentage bonuses. Here's the difference:

Match Bonus means the casino will match the amount you deposit dollar for dollar, usually limited to a certain amount.

Percentage Bonus gives you from a low of 10% to a high of several hundred percent of the amount you deposit. If the casino advertises a 300% welcome bonus and you deposit $100, you will get $300 - you have $400 to play with. Caution: An extraordinary high percentage bonus is often accompanied with play-through stipulations you may not like. It's advisable to read the Terms and Conditions before you accept any bonus.

Both of these bonus types may require you to enter a bonus code before depositing at the casino cashier. To be sure, check with customer service via live chat, toll-free phone or email.

No-Deposit and Re-Load Bonuses

No Deposit Bonus. No Deposit Bonuses are given to introduce you to the casino in the hope that once you're acquainted, you'll become a depositing player. No Deposit bonus amounts can range from less than $10 to as high as $100. Beware that some of these "no deposit required bonuses" have withdrawal limits.

Reload Bonus. Some online casinos offer a bonus for reloading your account. It is available as a percentage of the deposited amount or it can be a fixed sum of cash. Either way, you increase your bankroll with extra, free playing money! A benefit appreciated by serious online players.

Preferred Deposit and Loyalty Bonuses

Preferred Deposit Bonus. Preferred deposit online casino bonuses reward you for using the casinos preferred deposit method. If they offer to add 10% or 15% to your deposited amount if you use the method they suggest. Grab it - it's free money!

Loyalty Bonus. Every online casino wants to have as many loyal players as possible. To keep them coming back, they offer loyalty bonuses. Similar to comp points in land-based casinos, you're able to collect loyalty bonus rewards playing online. These days, nearly every online casino has a loyalty bonus program. Some promote it better than others. Inquire at customer service.

High Roller and Other Bonuses

High Roller Bonus. High Roller Bonuses are for "whales", the word used for players making big deposits and big bets. Once identified as a 'whale' you can almost "write your own ticket". Lucky you!

Other Casino Bonuses. The list of reasons for online casinos to award bonuses is nearly endless. You will come across weekday bonuses, birthday bonuses, new game bonuses, holiday bonuses, and more. Innovative promotion departments constantly drum up reasons to give away free money. Watch for opportunities. Don't miss them!

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